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ARAB DENTAL 30 (2017), No. 4     15. Jan. 2018
ARAB DENTAL 30 (2017), No. 2  (15.07.2017)

Page 22-25, Language: Arabic

Plastic Surgical Closure of an Oroantral Fistula
Jauernik, J. / Stadlinger, B. / Rücker, M. / Damerau, G.
Oroantral communication occurs especially when upper posterior teeth are extracted. Provided there is no infection, immediate plastic surgical closure of the recently opened maxillary sinus is possible, observing a time window of 24 hours. When the sinus opening has been present longer, this is called an oroantral fistula, primary treatment of which is conservative. Secondary management consists of local revision and plastic surgical closure. This case report describes covering of a sinus opening in the right maxilla of a 63-year old patient by a Rehrmann flap in a two-stage procedure.