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ARAB DENTAL 30 (2017), No. 3     19. Oct. 2017
ARAB DENTAL 27 (2014), No. 1  (15.04.2014)

Page 32-36, Language: Arabic

Conservative Treatment of Apical External Resorption in a High-Risk Patient
Boté, Sebastiana Arroyo / Osorio, Javier Martínez
This report details the case of a male patient who was diagnosed with resorption of the distal root on tooth 36 by means of an x-ray examination. Root treatment was carried out on this tooth 20 years ago and, since then, the patient has not suffered any symptoms. Following assessment of this resorption type, the activity of the process and the options available for a repeat endodontic intervention and reconstruction, a conservative treatment approach was opted for.