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ARAB DENTAL 24 (2011), No. 4     15. Dec. 2011
ARAB DENTAL 24 (2011), No. 4  (15.12.2011)

Page 60-63, Language: Arabic

Oral causes of halitosis from a university perspective
Seemann, Rainer
In the vast majority of cases halitosis is caused by bacterial accretion in the oral cavity. The most important role is played by tongue coatings, periodontitis or a combination of the two. All factors which have a negative influence on the salivary flow intensify the effect. Other, sometimes serious diseases of the oral cavity such as carcinomas, however, can also cause halitosis as a concomitant symptom. It should be noted, that though tongue coatings are the main source of an unpleasant odour it could also be the result of another disease, which should be identified.