ARAB DENTAL  •  ISSN 1861-8251

ARAB DENTAL 25 (2012), No. 4     31. Dec. 2012
ARAB DENTAL 25 (2012), No. 4  (31.12.2012)

Page 22-25, Language: Arabic

Multiple Implants with Dental Implant Template Guide and Schuetz Dental IMPLA 3D Software
O'Connor, L.
When patients present with requirements for single dental implants the author thinks the use of a CT Scan for the clinician to use as a guide is suitable. When a patient presents requiring three or more dental implants that will rely on each other the author feels that the Schütz Dental IMPLA 3D Software will definitely enhance the placing of the dental implants from both the clinicians view and the patients.

Keywords: CT Scan, Schütz Dental IMPLA 3D Software