ARAB DENTAL  •  ISSN 1861-8251

Issue 1/2013     1. Apr. 2013
1. Apr. 2013
Pages: 3 - 63

Page 3, Language: Arabic
Editorial: Back to the root
Nahas, Rabih
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Page 4-14, Language: Arabic
Current Concept of Laser Technology in Dentistry - LaserHF®
Panduric, Dragana Gabric
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Page 16-23, Language: Arabic
Fluorescence of Dental Hard Tissue and Restorative Materials
Lutskaya, Irina K. / Novak, Natalia V. / Kavetsky, Valery P.
Page 24-27, Language: Arabic
First Hybrid Dental Ceramic with a Dual-Network Structure
Schimak, Gert
Page 28-33, Language: Arabic
Analyzed, Pressed and Layered
Ubassy, Gérald
Page 34-36, Language: Arabic
Restoration of the Upper and Lower Dental Arches with Monolithic Zirconia- Fixed Detachable Prostheses
Clinical Report after Four Years of Use
Rojas-Vizcaya, Fernando
Page 38-43, Language: Arabic
Current Use of Amalgam Restorations
Beiruti, Nabil
Page 44-48, Language: Arabic
Pocket Elimination Versus Regeneration
Schrott, Alexander
Page 49-61, Language: Arabic
Exhibition Report
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Page 62-63, Language: Arabic
List of Suppliers
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