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ARAB DENTAL 30 (2017), No. 4     15. Jan. 2018
ARAB DENTAL 29 (2016), No. 4  (10.01.2017)

Page 42-46, Language: Arabic

Care of Removable Dentures
Beiruti, Nabil
Complete or partial dentures have been one of the most widely used replacement prostheses for missing teeth. They restore the esthetics as well as functional needs of the patients. In order to provide longterm service, dentures should be maintained regularly and efficiently. Denture stomatitis, is a common disorder affecting denture wearers that caused by poor denture hygiene, continual and nighttime wearing of them, accumulation of denture plaque, and bacterial and yeast contamination of denture surface. In addition, poor-fitting dentures can increase mucosal trauma. These causes appear to increase the ability of Candida albicans to colonize both the denture and oral mucosal surfaces, where it acts as an opportunistic pathogen. Regular good denture hygiene by individuals is an important component of oral health and in the prevention of further dental problems. The dentist with dental assistants should provide health knowledge and practical training for denture wearers to prevent oral health and general health problems.