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ARAB DENTAL 30 (2017), No. 4     15. Jan. 2018
ARAB DENTAL 29 (2016), No. 4  (10.01.2017)

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Bleaching: Is Powerbleaching better than the rest?
Wiegand, Annette / Peterson, Jana
Many dental offices are now using power bleaching to knock out tooth stains. While power whitening may utilize laser dentistry, it's less about the process and more about the substance. It's called power bleaching because of the high level of hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient in tooth whitening gels. During power teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide turns into oxygen, which penetrates tooth enamel to break down stains set deep inside of the teeth. The higher the level of hydrogen peroxide, the more oxygen molecules are created - the greater the amount of oxygen, the more stains are removed and the whiter teeth will appear. Power teeth whitening is faster and often more effective than using take-home teeth whitening trays alone. Basically it is not better than other methods but can increase risks for the patients, especially hypersensitivity of teeth.