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ARAB DENTAL 30 (2017), No. 4     15. Jan. 2018
ARAB DENTAL 28 (2015), No. 2  (15.07.2015)

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And After Pressing?
Brix, O.
Lithium disilicate monolithic restorations are characterised by high flexural strength, precise fit and optimum functioning. This material's ability to be gentle to the opposing dentition is valued as much as unproblematic fabrication. Monolithic restorations in the posterior region fabricated using lithium disilicate (IPS e.max®) have become established in the daily laboratory routine. The advantages
- precise conversion of the wax pattern in ceramic
- possibility of a biomechanical occlusal design thanks to the wax-up technique
- no risk of chipping
- anatomical details, even with low space availability
- efficient fabrication