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ARAB DENTAL 30 (2017), No. 4     15. Jan. 2018
ARAB DENTAL 26 (2013), No. 2  (15.06.2013)

Page 24-28, Language: Arabic

Implant Hybrid Abutment VS No Prep Veneer
Farah, Aiham / Alaoui, Oussama
With angled and casted abutments the authors improved the initial situation and corrected the angle of an implant slightly, but did not solve the whole problem, especially the esthetic part of it. In a clinical case, all kind of abutments were tried to choose the best angulation correction. Neither one fulfilled the esthetic parameters. So new IPS e max press abutments were customized and cemented onto the Titanium base abutment by using a dualcure resin cement. The authors show the fabrication procedure step by step.