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ARAB DENTAL 30 (2017), No. 4     15. Jan. 2018
ARAB DENTAL 25 (2012), No. 3  (15.10.2012)

Page 26-29, Language: Arabic

Esthetic Veneers - Minimally Invasive and Conservative
Lee, Seung-Kyu / Yoo, Ha-Sung
Orthodontic pre-restorative treatments can sometimes put a patient's patience to the test. Lingual brackets in conjunction with a labial impression technique can shorten the treatment time. A patient came to the authors' clinic to have her discoloured teeth in the upper and lower anterior dentition treated. She wanted laminate veneers, as the discolourations had not improved even after several tooth whitening procedures. Another problem was related to severe crowding and malocclusion of the teeth. These conditions had to be treated orthodontically prior to the prosthetic restorations. The patient was therefore referred to an orthodontist for preliminary treatment. Although the orthodontic treatment had not been concluded yet, the patient came to the clinic again after six months and strongly urged the authors to provide her with laminate veneers to improve her esthetic appearance. The long-term outcome is of particular interest to any treatment team for obvious reasons. After completion of the orthodontic treatment, therefore, fixed lingual wire retainers were applied in order to stabilize the new position of the mandibular and maxillary anterior teeth.